Lead Data Scientist Amsterdam

Lead Data Scientist

The ideal candidate for this Lead Data Scientist role

As Lead Data Scientist you will be responsible for data throughout its lifecycle - acquisition, data cleaning, integration, analysis, interpretation and visualization, while collaborating with analysts and engineers to deliver Data management, visualization and analytics products.

You'll power strategy, definition and roadmap and be collaborating with the group director, analysts and heads of product and DevOps. You are knowledgeable and experienced with the different infrastructures, tools and applications that support the phases. Passion and ingenuity for working with data is considered a pre, herewith be able to best support end-to-end data handling, management and analytics processes as well as having a good business understanding with accompanying soft-skills.

You will work in a multi-disciplined team where you’ll take full ownership of turning discoveries and ideas into models. You’ll use the model’s output to create and improve products for the customers, in lean development cycles.

Results to be achieved

Results to be achieved
  • Power data sciences strategy
  • Industrial research and concept creation
  • Instill data science knowledge


  • Industrial knowledge and hands-on skills
  • Applied research in data management
  • Data management, analytics and strategy


  • A large FMCG matrix organisation
  • Dynamic, flexible, complex environment
  • Self-starting and taking responsibility

Location and conditions

Location and conditions
  • Amsterdam
  • Permanent
  • Fulltime

Results to be achieved for this Lead Data Scientist

  • You will create the data strategy from scratch and be responsible for delivering the data management visualization and analytics products. You will be responsible for turning the ideas and results into models for creation and improvement of customers' products, and implementing and building methodologies as well as scale them together with the business.
  • Lead an industrial research in the data science field; using the external knowledge in the relevant industry in the data management process and data visualization. You will use that data in concept creating projects, implement, measure and learn on their success.
  • You should instill data science pro-actively to make knowledge base available for operational use within the organization.

The requirements for this position Lead Data Scientist

  • Solid programming knowledge and skills with data analysis techniques such as clustering, statistical analysis, graph analysis, pattern recognition, classifiers, recommenders in database management systems, IT, tools for data integrations and data analysis/modelling are highly required. Also, experience with Python or Java / Scala coding, Azure workloads, Hadoop clusters, different SQL and non-SQL databases as well as data analytics tools such as R, Matlab, SPSS, WEKA. Industrial knowledge is highly demanded.
  • You possess the ability to explore, experiment and pilot in concept creation projects, trial then measure and learn on their success (Lean Startup thinking/ways-of-working) are highly valued. You are also able to implement/build methodologies as well as (understand to) scale them together with the businesses. Your skills include ability to conduct research in the data science field, enlarging relevant knowledge, bring-in external knowledge and foremost get creative and craft novel data analytics schemes & engines.
  • You are responsible for the overall data lifecycle - acquisition, data cleaning, integration, analysis, interpretation and visualization. You will power strategy, definition and roadmap. You should keep abreast of adjacent application and market developments as well for inspiration and benchmarking the concepts, herein understanding the business aspects as well as instill data science pro-actively to make knowledge available for operational use.

  • Our client is a large FMCG Matrix organistion with a complex Data Architecture, Management processes and systems.
  • The colleagues have a Can Do approach. They are curious, proactive, fast learners able to quickly picking up new areas of expertise. The organisation is very experienced with agile methodologies.
  • Our client is an open, transparent company with an open communication mindset. They work in small agile teams with a hands-on mindset.